Alfred Workflow 1.0

I just started using Alfred after many many months of the smart people at WebDevStudios all singing its praise. I didn’t switch right away because I thought my trusted Quicksilver (and Spotlight in Yosemite) could do everything Alfred was doing for them. About a month ago I saw a promo for Alfred Powerpack and decided to give it a try.

For the first few weeks I honestly didn’t use it. Well, I did on accident when I hit the keyboard shortcut but really any of those three bottom left keys next to the sidebar now trigger Quicksilver, Alfred and Spotlight so I knew I could find things easily by hitting any of those keys.

But this week I decided to dive into setting up a few workflows. I may be totally doing it wrong, but it works for me. I’m open to tips to make this better, but here is what I am working with:

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