Rasmussen College

User Experience Design and Front-end Development Consulting

Rasmussen College was in need of a redesign and refactoring of code and what better time that during a creative refresh of their brand as well. During this process I was involved in research, creating archetypes, style tiles, and element collages to represent some of the digital marketing materials necessary for the roll out.

Rasmussen Element Collage

To test the new look, we launched a microsite used specifically to speak to prospective students for each area of study. Here is a screenshot of a page template I designed for this project.

Rasmussen Element Collage

After receiving feedback from our visitors and going over the data, we used the insights we learned to work on the full website redesign. The new site was a complete rebuild from the ground up and a core team worked to plan, write, design, develop and test the site. The site launched early 2019 but will continue to evolve.