Microsoft News Center

Design and Front-end Development

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microsoft news center website redesigned homepage large and small views

Microsoft has recently embraced open source technology and moving Microsoft News Center over to WordPress was a fantastic adventure. The project kicked off with a series of calls to discuss the project goals, site objectives, editorial staff usage as well as how their users engage with the site.

Research, design, collaborate, iterate, repeat.

Many custom features were built into the site. The home page and press kit page templates have responsive grid of featured posts with several grid layouts for their editorial team to choose from. I designed the UI and was responsibe for the front-end development for this piece while working with some very talented back-end developers at WebDevStudios to bring the functionality to life. It is editable on the front-end of the site enhancing the editorial experience allowing the team at Microsoft to easily choose stories to feature and preview the layout all before they publish.