Alfred Workflow 1.0

I just started using Alfred after many many months of the smart people at WebDevStudios all singing its praise. I didn’t switch right away because I thought my trusted Quicksilver (and Spotlight in Yosemite) could do everything Alfred was doing for them. About a month ago I saw a promo for Alfred Powerpack and decided to give it a try.

For the first few weeks I honestly didn’t use it. Well, I did on accident when I hit the keyboard shortcut but really any of those three bottom left keys next to the sidebar now trigger Quicksilver, Alfred and Spotlight so I knew I could find things easily by hitting any of those keys.

But this week I decided to dive into setting up a few workflows. I may be totally doing it wrong, but it works for me. I’m open to tips to make this better, but here is what I am working with:


When I toggle Alfred and type my custom Keyword clientname Alfred will do the following:

  1. Open my default browser to my local development url for that project (assuming I have MAMP Pro already running, I could add that as a step)
    Launch iTerm
  2. In iTerm, cd into my project directory and then run a gup (zsh shortcut for git pull –rebase)


  3. Launch Brackets, open my project folder in the Finder and open Duo, a sweet little browser app that shows your site at different widths for easier breakpoint/responsive testing. EDIT: I just installed Brackets 1.3 and it now allows you to use open files and project folders from the command line. Just type:
    brackets ~/path/to/folder/

    alfred apps

Then, I have a second keyword command to open related sites. I just type clientnamesites and Alfred will:

  1. Open the current live version of the site
  2. Open the staging version of the site
  3. Open my basecamp project assigned to that site

I know I can probably clean this up a bit but this is working for me and it has been really nice to type one or two commands and all of this stuff just magically happens. I’d love to hear how you use Alfred so feel free to leave some comments below.

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