Twas the night before launch

Twas the night before launch, when all through the site,
not a feature was broken, not even a byte.
The branches were merged by the devs with care,
in hopes that their push would soon be there.

The content was ready, everything was proofread;
While visions of subscribers danced in their heads;
The message was short and in all CAPS,

Opened an email titled “Design should be flatter”.
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to my office I flew like a flash,
Quickly opened the repo and applied the saved stash.

The website appeared with a layer of snow,
Where did that come from? Jetpack? Oh no!
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
Drop Shadows, gradients, bevels, oh dear!

With a little Sass, so lively and quick,
Updated the mixins with just a few clicks.
“Be rapid with changes”, the clients exclaim!
They whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:

“No Shadows! No Bevels! No gradients and borders!

Be Flat! Be Clean! These are my orders!” *

The changes were made after the call.

Now compile, merge, and push away all!

Best practices were used, the code is so DRY,

Performance was measured, this site will soon fly.

So up to the servers, the dev team pushed through.

The site was amazing, each breakpoint and view.

And then, in a moment, I heard of a goof
We spoke with our client, we needed some proof.
As I drew in my head, I started to frown,
Posted in Basecamp is what they just found.

The fonts on production were not the same.
How could this be? What is to blame?
A look at the console revealed the quick hack.
An update to Typekit will fix our font stack.

The site-how it loaded, so fast, so airy.
When the share count went up we thought, “how merry”!
Our team tweeted links they wanted to show
But glad to survive a build like that though

Our work was not done, support phase began
To catch any bugs, inline classes and spans
As the task list grew I thought, “What the hell?”
We were so careful, I wanted to yell.

The team worked hard under such stress.
Thank God the site was built with WordPress.
Updated the footer, the body and head
“These tasks are now closed,” the client said.

I LOVE my job, never feels quite like work.
WDS is the best, the people, the perks.
The community is amazing in the profession I chose.
I am so grateful to work with the pros.

Keep sharing and caring, go out and create.
We’ll see you next year, this one has been great.
Thank you to all who have made it so right.
Happy Christmas to all, enjoy this website!

* This is a fictional client. Ours are very nice.