I’d really love to speak at CSSDevConf to help people implement a code review system in their workplace and will need your help to make this dream come true.

Step 1: go to http://svy.mk/1EXl4N6

Step 2: Find the page titled Overview of Process or Technology in the red bar at the top. If it isn’t the first page, there is a NEXT button on the bottom of each page.

Step 3: Once on the Overview of Process or Technology page, hit Command F (Mac) or Control F (PC) and type/paste: No Pain No Gain: How One Code Review Changed my Life

Step 4: On the circles under the description of the entry titled No Pain No Gain: How One Code Review Changed my Life, select Extremely Likely

Step 5: Click Next on the bottom of that page until you get to the end. Click Done on that last page.

Feel free to vote for as many speakers proposals as you’d like, but I’d really love your vote.

Alfred Workflow 1.0

I just started using Alfred after many many months of the smart people at WebDevStudios all singing its praise. I didn’t switch right away because I thought my trusted Quicksilver (and Spotlight in Yosemite) could do everything Alfred was doing for them. About a month ago I saw a promo for Alfred Powerpack and decided to give it a try.

For the first few weeks I honestly didn’t use it. Well, I did on accident when I hit the keyboard shortcut but really any of those three bottom left keys next to the sidebar now trigger Quicksilver, Alfred and Spotlight so I knew I could find things easily by hitting any of those keys.

But this week I decided to dive into setting up a few workflows. I may be totally doing it wrong, but it works for me. I’m open to tips to make this better, but here is what I am working with:

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Twas the night before launch

Twas the night before launch, when all through the site,
not a feature was broken, not even a byte.
The branches were merged by the devs with care,
in hopes that their push would soon be there.

The content was ready, everything was proofread;
While visions of subscribers danced in their heads;
The message was short and in all CAPS,